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Children's and baby bedding, quilts, protectors, canopies, producer Poland
Children's and baby bedding, quilts, protectors, canopies, producer Poland
Children's and baby bedding, quilts, protectors, canopies, producer Poland

Children's and baby bedding, quilts, protectors, canopies, producer Poland


P.P.H.U. ANKRAS s.c. has existed since 1997. We manufacture bedding items for children and babies. Modern design, high quality certified materials, rich design and attractive prices make our products meet the requirements of each client.

Our offer includes: quilts, pillowcase sets, protectors, canopies, bathing covers, cotton sheets and frotte, sleeping bags, several types of baby cones.

Child is a user of our products, very demanding and important to all of us,therefore we constantly strive to improve the quality of our products. We introduce new, more attractive and interesting fabric patterns. We are looking for solutions that would ensure greater satisfaction, and above all, safety and convenience for our small customers.


The basic production of our company is complete equipment for children's beds, i.e. bedding with filling, sets of pillowcases for bedding, covers for the rungs of the bed, canopies, sheets made of cotton and terry fabrics, baby cones and sleeping bags.

Bed sheets are available in two sizes of duvets and pillowcases: 120x90cm and 135x100cm for both dimensions, a 40x60cm pillow is included.

Our offer includes three types of bedding:
- STANDARD BEDDING - fabric canopy (width 200cm, length 160cm) protector (length 360cm) for the rungs of the bed (height 28cm) with headrest (height 42cm) or protector length 180cm (height 28cm) without headrest,
- BABY BEDDING - tulle canopy (width 200cm, length 160cm), protector (length 180cm) with headrest (protector edge specially reinforced)
Both in the "BABY" BEDDING and in the "STANDARD" BEDDING, a tulle canopy or a fabric canopy can be replaced with a mosquito net protecting against insect bites. The fabric patterns are identical for both collections, and the bedding differs only in the way it is made.
- BEDDING "SWEET DREAM" is a proposal of a new bedding decorated with applications with a Teddy Bear or a sheep. The canopy is made of tulle combined with a fabric, and a 180 cm long bumper with a headrest has a specially reinforced edge in order to better protect it from hitting the cot rungs. The applications have been placed on the duvet cover, the bumper's headrest, the baby wrap, sleeping bags, pram bedding and toolbox.

We also offer:
bedding for a pram with an appliqué (quilt size 70x80xm, pillow 40x30cm),
cones with appliqués, dimensions 80x80cm, in several types:
- cone dim. 80x80cm with an application,
- horn dim. 80x80cm with an application and coconut insert,
- horn dim. 80x80 cm with an application, coconut insert and a pillow.
sleeping bags with an application in sizes 86-92cm, 98-104cm, 110-116cm. 60x70cm,
sheet with a valance for a bed 120x60cm and 140x70cm,
decoration for a drawer for a bed 120x60cm and 140x70cm.

Each of our products is available as an individual product, e.g. bumper, canopy, as well as in a set tailored to the client's needs. All the production materials we use, i.e. fabrics, knitted fabrics and bedding inserts, have the required hygienic certificates.